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[产品信息] 自动充气救生衣 中英文说明

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1.       Important advice
2.       Important advice about life jackets with an integrated safety harness
3.       Checking the triggering unit before every use (brief check)
4.       Checking the life jacket before every season or a long cruise
5.       Putting on the life jacket
6.       Inflating the life jacket
7.       Handling the life jacket after use。
8.       Making the triggering unit ready again
9.       Replacing the tablet
10.    Packing the life jacket
11.    Storage
12.    Maintenance and service life
13.    Handling optional KADEMATIC accessories
1.       Important advice 重要说明
A life jacket is an aid for protection against drowning. It does not give any guarantee of rescue or survival. Please read the instructions for use and the product information carefully before use. Follow the advice given on or in the life jacket.
CAUTION: pressurized gas cartridges are hazardous articles. Keep them away from children and do not utilize them improperly.
Note that the life jacket is only effective as a personal buoyancy aid after it has been fully inflated.
The life jacket is only suitable for temperatures above -10oC. A certain delay in triggering is possible at temperatures below 5oC and the triggering time will be more than doubled at temperatures down to -10oC.
Your arms must be crossed over the jacket when you jump into the water wearing the life jacket: this is particularly essential with jackets that have been inflated already, in order to prevent injures. Avoid jumping from a height of more than 3M.
The life jacket’s function can be restricted in the following cases and combinations: carrying additional weights like tools for example, or wearing clothing with high integral buoyancy and air-pockets, or suits that are thermally insulated against the cold, as well as suits and clothing with integrated swimming aids.
Try out the life jacket in swimming baths, in order to make yourself familiar with its function and behaviour in water. Show your children how to use it. Only use life jackets that function fully automatically for children under 10 years of age.
Do not use as cushion or pillow!
2.       Important advice about life jackets with an integrated safety harness
The safety harness that is integrated into the life jacket only serves to prevent the wearer from going overboard off the vessel’s deck and it should not be used as protection against falling from a height. Misuse can lead to fatal injuries.
The safety harness is suitable for persons who are approximately 5 feet high or taller. The lower end of the safety harness must lie on the lower part of the costal arch (i.e., rib cage) or higher. The D ring should lie between the lower edge of the breastbone and the armpit while doing so. Make sure that the belt is sitting at this height when you have appropriately adjusted the safety harness firmly. Do not use the safety harness if the belt is lying below the rib cage!
The safety harness is equipped with a large safety reserve according to the standard’s requirements. Therefore ensure that there are suitable fastening points on board. The safety harness and lifelines can transfer very strong forces to the fastening points. Fastening points must withstand forces of more than 1 metric ton. The bulwark’s main rail and steering columns are unsuitable for this purpose as a rule.
Only secure yourself with a CE tested lifeline.
3.       Checking the triggering unit before every use (brief check) 使用前检查触发装置(简单检查)
Check the triggering unit’s readiness for use every time before putting on the life jacket. Open the life jacket at the rip cord’s height for manual triggering concerning this purpose.
*Is the gas cartridge (CO2) full?
Unscrew the cartridge and check whether the cartridge is intact. Replace the gas cartridge with a new, original KADEMATIC spare cartridge whenever the bottom of the bottle is damaged. Screw in the cartridge again until the window shows fully green, then do not turn it any further.
拧开储气瓶检查是否完整,若瓶底损坏,请安装全新的KADEMATIC 原装备用瓶。拧上瓶子直至视窗显示成绿色。
Are all of the indicators showing green?
If all indicators are green and the cartridge is full, then the triggering unit is ready for use; otherwise it must be made ready again according to point 8.
The protective cover must be closed again after checking the triggering unit and making it ready if necessary. The rip cord for manual triggering must be hanging freely from the protective cover while doing so.
4.       Checking the life jacket before every season or a long cruise 每个赛季或是长期航游前应检查救生衣
A check according to UVV (Accident Prevention Regulations) is necessary for commercial use in addition.
*Is the buoyancy chamber airtight?
Open the Velcro fastenings on the life jacket and unfold the buoyancy chamber. Blow up the buoyancy chamber via the mouthpiece valve until it bulges (see point 6 above) and let it lie for approximately 16 hours. If the buoyancy chamber is still filled bulgingly after this time, then it is in order.
*Is the mouthpiece valve in working order?
Remove the dust cap and check the valve’s operability with the dust cap turned around. The mouthpiece valve must close completely after the cap has been pressed down and it is pulled out again. Replace the dust cap.
*Are the protective cover and belts undamaged?
Check the protective cover, belt straps and fastenings for damage; also make sure that the existing accessories are complete. It can be necessary to reject the life jacket-especially one with an integrated harness-if for example the tensile strength of the textile and belt is reduced through constant exposure to UV radiation (i.e., sunlight).
Life jackets with an integrated harness must be rejected whenever they are damaged (e.g., after a fall or through chemical influences).
*Is the gas cartridge (CO2) o.k.?
Replace an empty gas cartridge as well as corroded or rusty ones with a new, original KADEMATIC spare cartridge. If a defect or damage is detected when checking the lie jacket, then the life jacket must be given back to KADEMATIC immediately or taken for checking to maintenance point (i.e., registered dealer) that is authorized by KADEMATIC.
5.       Putting on the life jacket 救生衣穿着方法
The life jacket is only allowed to be worn over the clothing. Open the fastener and put on the life jacket like a normal jacket. The fastener on the life jacket must be closed firmly. Adjust the life jacket’s lifebelt so that 2 fingers at the most can pass between your body and the lift. Only a life jacket that is sitting firmly on your body can hold you upright steadily in the water. 救生衣必须穿在个人外衣之外。打开固定扣,像穿普通夹克一样穿上救生衣。扣紧固定扣,调整安全带使你的身体和开降绳之间最多能穿过两根手指。只有在救生衣完全贴合你身体的时候才能保护你在水中稳定直立漂浮。
CAUTION: wearing the life jacket loosely or openly is dangerous.
6.       Inflating the life jacket 救生衣的充气方式
The life jacket will inflate fully automatically when it is immersed in the water. The inflating operation can be triggered by pulling strongly on the manual triggering line outside the water, or whenever the fully automatic device fails to operate.
Inflating the life jacket by mouth (checking the air-tightness and re-inflation)
Open the life jacket on the left side (when seen by the wearer) manually and blow up the buoyancy chamber with your breath via the mouthpiece valve. Pull off the protective dust cap from the mouthpiece valve for this purpose. You must avoid inhaling CO2 gas from the buoyancy chamber when re-inflating the life jacket via the mouthpiece valve (it is non-poisonous but could cause a tickle in your throat or make you dopy).
Signal whistle
Your life jacket is equipped with a dual-tone signal whistle. You can make yourself noticed acoustically with it in an emergency.
7.       Handing the life jacket after use救生衣使用后的整理方法
*Clean the life jacket
Life jackets that are damp or wet after having been worn must be hung up to dry on a coat hanger or at the neck piece. Do not lie the life jacket on a heater! Remove any soiling with oil or grease immediately. Clean off the soiling with a commercial, gentle washing powder (dissolved in water) or a weak solution of soap suds, then rinse it off with clear water.
Note the washing symbols! Do not use any cleaning agents containing alcohol or solvent for cleaning!
*Deflating the buoyancy chamber via the mouthpiece valve
Remove the protective dust cap from the mouthpiece valve in order to deflate the buoyancy chamber. Press down the valve inside the hose with the protective dust cap turned around (never use sharp objects). Empty the buoyancy chamber completely by simultaneously smoothing it flat, or by pushing the gas or air out of the buoyancy chamber. Replace the protective dust cap after the deflation.
8.       Making the triggering unit ready again 将触发装置重新置于备用状态
The triggering unit must be made ready again after every use during which the life jacket has been inflated. You need an original KADEMATIC spare pack with a cartridge, pin and automatic tray (only on the automatic version) for this purpose.
Automatic jackets (Figures 1 to 6 are located on the back).  
1  Unscrew the empty cartridge from the triggering unit and dispose of it.  
2  Fold out the side lever unit it engages. Caution: it has a strong spring!
3  Fold the manual triggering lever into the casing secure it with the new pin (if required).  
4  Insert the new, original, automatic tablet into the tablet compartment. Blow out old tablet residue if required but do not use any tools! The lever can be pressed slightly upwards beyond the fastening point for easier insertion. Caution: the casing and hands must be dry! Never insert objects other than an original automatic tablet!
5  Fold down the side lever again.  
6  Screw in a completely new CO2 spare cartridge until the C window shows fully green, then do not turn it further any more. The requisite size (in grams by weight) is stamped on the buoyancy aid.  
All three indicators (A,B and C) must show green, after making the triggering unit ready again.
Manual triggering (Figures 1 to 4 are located on the previous page)  
1         Unscrew the empty cartridge from the inflating device and dispose of it.  
2+3 Fold the manual triggering lever into the casing and secure it with a new clip.
4         Screw in a completely new CO2 spare cartridge. The requisite size (in grams by weight) is tamped on the buoyancy chamber.
The indicator must show green, after making the triggering unit ready again.  
9.       Replacing the tablet 更换药片
Familiarize yourself with the instructions about making the inflating device ready, in order to replace the tablet (e.g., ager use in environments with high air humidity). You should unscrew the gas cartridge and screw it in again when the B indicator shows green before replacing the tablet, in order to avoid an unintentional triggering.
10.    Packing the life jacket 救生衣整理及包裹方式
* Deflate the life jacket’s buoyancy chamber completely (see above).
* Close the mouthpiece valve with the dust cap (see point 4).
* Fold the life jacket according to the instructions in the attached product information. Take care while doing so that the triggering unit does not get wrapped up on itself. The buoyancy chamber is not allowed to get twisted. Close all press studs and Velcro fastenings carefully.
* The rip cord for manual triggering must hang out freely and be within easy reach.
* The belts are not allowed to be twisted or knotted.
11.    Storage 储藏方法
Always store the life jackets in a cool and dry place. Protect them from prolonged solar radiation.
12.    Maintenance and service life 维修及使用寿命
Arrange for your life jacket to be checked regularly by an authorized maintenance station. The next maintenance of the lifejacket is due by the date which is given on the SERVICE sticker (Other instructions have to be followed if necessary).
Maintenance must be carried out absolutely whenever the sticker is missing. The maintenance can only be carried out on equipment which has not exceeded the maximum service life yet. The life jacket’s service life is 10 years in general.
The life jacket must be maintained more frequently under special conditions of use (e.g., long-term cruises trips in other climatic zones or frequent wearing by children). Children’s life jackets need to be inspected carefully by responsible persons (parents or trainers) due to the special conditions of wear.
Ask your dealer for special advice about this matter.
Service sticker服务标签
13.    Handling optional KADEMATIC accessories 可选KADEMATIC配件
*Spray hood防水罩
The spray hood serves to protect the head against surf (i.e., foam or spume) and being washed over as well as loosing heat in the cold. The spray hood is fitted firmly into the life jacket’s neck and it is located in the neck after the buoyancy chamber has been inflated. Grip the spray hood behind the head in the neck and pull the spray hood over the head like a cow! Spread out the spray hood by slipping the elastic rubber strap over the inflated buoyancy chamber. The spray hood is stowed in the neck area of the protective cover when packing the life jacket. Take care when packing the protective spray hood again after use that it is not twisted against the buoyancy chamber.
*Distress lamp遇险灯
The KADEMATIC distress lamps are lights which are activated by fresh water and sea water. The contacts must come into contact with water in order to activate the light. The light can be deactivated manually on some models (e.g., during daylight). We recommend dismantling the light or switching it off (according to the version) beforehand when trying out the life jacket, so that the light will not be activated. It suffices to switch off the light when trying on the life jacket if the light is powered by lithium batteries. Mount the distress lamp at the point on your life jacket’s buoyancy chamber which lies highest when situated in the water. An appropriate fastening strap is attached to the buoyancy chamber on all KADEMATIC life jackets. Distress lamps from KADEMATIC can also be mounted with a separate holding device on life jackets without this fastening strap. Note the battery’s expiry date when checking the life jacket and see to it that the battery is not swollen. The light must be replaced completely in both cases.
*Adjustable belt调节带
The jacket is seating can be adjusted precisely by means of the adjustable belt, especially on a jacket which has been inflated in the water already. The distribution of buoyancy is optimized and your head is raised out of the water better because of that. Follow the separate instructions about the KADMATIC adjustable belts for this purpose.
*Harness and lifeline
You can clip onto a fastening point on the ship with a KADEMATIC lifeline of the L3K and remain connected firmly to the ship with a lifebelt. Only use lifelines and lifebelts which comply with EN 1095 (also see section 2 of these operating instructions).
可用KADEMATIC L3K救生索挂在穿的固定点上,用安全带绑牢。仅可使用符合EN 1095标准的安全带和救生索(可参考第二部分的操作说明)
*Manual override
Please follow the separate instructions when using the optional manual override. The user needs a special induction course about using these life jackets.

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